Sunday, 13 September 2015

Being a beach bum in August-tern wise.

 Yip I'm blogging again after a canny while. A few folk have asked how's the terns done this year around the Sandhaven area? so I've eventually put together a selection of shots taken here during August along with some of my observations of rested birds on Sandhaven.

Common tern - Pretty much as last year with no 3 figure numbers, best count being 40+ birds on a few occasions.
 Nowt like getting mugged on the beach.

 Sandwich tern- again pretty average number wise with between 10-25 birds on some visits during the month.

 But a visit on the last day of August produced my best count to date of Sandwich terns here- 106 counted at one point when I first arrived.This number slowly tailed off after little disturbance(for this public beach) and what I can only refer to as migratory behaviour. Small groups took off together calling noisily,birds seem to pair up and then circled gaining height before moving off. Something I've seen Roseates doing in the past here.

 Arctic tern- 18 was my best count here this year in the first week of this month and only 3 Juv's .

 Little tern- This is the only one I seen rested here on the first day of this month.
 Roseate tern- After only views from the pier on a couple of occasions this month,eventually on the 12th these two were had on Sandhaven. The only one's I've seen here this year.(but beats last years count..doubled ;-) ).

 And a special mention has to be made for Little gull sightings around this area in the last 6 weeks or so- Started late July and continued most of August.

Again these are my observations on this public beach when numbers can change here by the minute.

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