Friday, 25 September 2015

This week's outings.

 A couple of canny hours today around the pier area late pm.- After not being able to venture forth yesterday and learning of a few reports locally, I thankfully had a bit time on my hands later today. Didn't have to wait long to see this Snow bunting - it hopped across the pier right in front of me by the old Brigade building as I walked up the pier. This one obviously is of the 'showy' type not too bothered by disturbance. Later picked it up again on the pier wall- the other side of the gate.
 About 18-20 Common terns around on this visit, some rested up on Sandhaven others taking advantage of a feeding frenzy taking place on the south side of the pier wall- sprats maybe??? jumping out of the water attracting the attention of  loads of gulls etc.
 Yip it's a Little gull (again) ! another one in the mix on the south side of the pier.
 Couple of Gannets also joined in and gradually edged in a bit closer.
 Only seen about 3- 1st.winter Common gulls here this year and still trying to get a canny shot.

On Wednesday's visit to the pier I witnessed something I've never seen before ..This Carrion crow was first seen to be picking up a couple of empty Fosters cans- then I figured out what the corvid was actually doing, tipping them up to get the dregs out! It's probably learned to do this from the empties left here during the Mackerel season, when the litter left here is at its highest. Clever bugger!
Little gull on the beach also on this visit. ;-)

 Monday -when the rain stopped for a short time I ventured into the Trow bowl- couple of Whinchats and a single Stonechat (not the photogenic types). Couple of Chiffchaffs in the treed area, Song thrush  and the odd Wheatear around the area. Six Red-throated divers on the sea from gun point was canny thro- group of 4 together (probs family).

 Last Sunday- After 2 failed attempts with trying to see this species in the same field at Whitburn over the years- finally it was third time lucky!  This after not being able to get here until later in the afternoon. Only my second one ever, so was slightly pleased also to even get a semi-decent shot. Oh and another Little gull here also ;-)


  1. Sunday 4th Oct
    I've just seen a large, long necked, sharp beaked seabird just off-shore at Sandhaven. Dark upper, white underneath. What is it? Can't identify it from my bird book.

  2. After some intensive Googling I've decided it was some kind of diver, particularly due to the way it rolled on its side to preen while on the water.

  3. A tad late sorry would-be reponse wise. You've more than likely seen a Red-throated diver or a Great-crested grebe (a few around at this time).