Saturday, 19 September 2015

New lifer despite being a daft lad (again!).

 After seeing a few reports and pic's of Black darter on twitter over the last week or so, I headed off to the old brickworks pond in Kibblesworth this morning when I got the chance. First time I've ventured here this year!...It really was a comedy of errors this visit- first off after wandering about a third of the way from the parking area to the pond my zippo dried-trip to a garage followed. Then I discovered the battery on the camera was on its last legs after deleting the memory card....I thought the writing was on the wall so to speak. after this!... Thankfully not.
It took me a while and a few 'stand' about moments before I picked up the first Black darter in the south end of the pond,behind the small plantation area. Well worth getting wet knees for!  after this picked up a second one in the same area, the first one landed on my shoulder a couple of times!!! (reached for the phone for a selfie but alas not to be.)
Met another interested bloke at the northern end of this pond, who I ve met before. (It just got mad after this!). 3-4 Black darters hovered around right in front of us, one landed on his foot. Then a female hawker landed on my boot and used it as a landing platform to get the next generation on their way.
Distant one, taken with the macro.

Crap one taken with my phone, the camera battery had died by now.

Absolutely fantastic couple of hours here despite the set backs- sheds loads of Common darters in various stages of breeding, hawkers aplenty also. 
Bird wise- 6 Siskins over calling, couple of Jays, GS woody, Buzzard, Spuggyhawk,Kestrel and the usual stuff calling from the treed areas.

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