Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Just a great hour!

Its official! I’ve fallen in love with a duck! Not just any duck(and its not a M&S one) but one of Chinese origin which has been around this stretch of the Wear at Chester-le-street for a while going off reports. Seen the male here some months back but this is the first time I’ve seen a female Mandarin outside of the confines of the Washington collection. And boy did she show well here on our visit and give an excellent account of herself. She maybe small but every Mallard and other type of duck here along with Goosanders she came within contact with regarding food she seen them off! She even had a go at the Mute swans pecking at their ankles. One gutsy lass and a real looker! A absolute pleasure to watch in action so to speak, we seen who will be wearing the pants in her relationships!

Along with the female Mandarin here at the local duck feeding spot- the male Scaup now in full adult plumage, 6 Goosanders(one drake), hundreds of Mallards, Fewer Mutes than last visit and the Whooper swan further up the river.

Not bad for a visit to B&Q at Washington…;-)


  1. Great pictures. I would be buzzing to get anything like that. A big thumbs up.

  2. Cheers,not a easy task getting a clear shot of the Manderin here out of the water with hundreds of Mallards in the way.