Friday, 18 March 2011

One of Durhams's finest....( off the coast)

A visit over the moors today for myself and Jan resulted in our best views of Black grouse to date!. We headed off this morning full of optimism in what turned out to be a lovely day out west in Teesdale and Weardale.
On reaching Landon beck (and getting little legs out for a walk) I only managed to see one Blackcock briefly in flight before he fell out of view behind a stone wall. So drove a little up the road to view the favoured fields from a higher position…..just as we were pulling into here a female Black grouse ran across the road giving excellent views!(a first for Jan with the female of this species) ..Window down and camera just about to be pointed- the bird gone!….. It’s a fact of life with any person who tries for wildlife shots from a car, you just have to curse under your breath or set your air bag off in frustration!
After the slow tour down to Cow green we returned back to the higher vantage point for refreshments, this time we clocked a Blackcock in a distant field and a one not far from the road we had driven up! Slow drive down to here resulted in our excellent views from the car and also a female showed further into the field before both birds flew off.

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