Monday, 14 March 2011

Music to my ears

First visit into Marsden bay for me and Max for a while this afternoon and it was a pleasure to be amongst our returned seabird colony again. The Kittiwakes have been hanging around since last week with a few of them visiting the cliffs and the rest rafting in the bay on most of my visits to the Grotto car park but today I was pleased to see the birds returned fully onto the nest ledges. Just fantastic to watch the greeting of paired Kits again here and the sight of one bird returning and regurgitates a little food for its mate on the nest….Don’t think our better halves would appreciate this mind!
There’s just something special about the call of the Kittiwake and this bay would be a sorry place without them.
Razorbills also seem to have returned here fully now also, with plenty of activity from them flying around and landing on ledges.
Here’s hoping this year (like I do every year) a pair of Guillimots will breed....or even Shags attempt again.
Also in the bay- pair of Eiders and a different Med. Gull to the usual car park one. Pretty sure it’s a one I’ve seen earlier in the year but will check the bill patterns out.


  1. When are we doing that boat trip to check whats breeding?

  2. Best time will be late May/ early June I would think Jason.