Sunday, 18 December 2011

Make hay when the sun shines!

Off down to Marine park this late morning with Max in tow, small sections of the lake here frozen up as expected. 3 Drake Pochards along with around 30 Tufties and the "now" tame drake Mandarin avoiding the old sailors here.
Had wanted to venture along the pier but yet again on this walk the gate was locked!

But pleased to view the great work ST council are making in the dunes area here as Ive not visited for a few weeks. The sand dunes have been surrounded with fences and signs telling the public "no access". A "planting up" of the dunes with native species of dune type plants is well under way to preserve the sand dunes here. Seeds where collected from the Druridge bay area (with kind permission) and are now in the hands of expert growers.

I live in hope of a few terns or other bird species taking advantage of this enclosed area.

It was a case of the sunny side of the street in Saxon way today! The general view was about 60 Waxwings present today , but very difficult to pin down a exact number as they have been very flighty over the last few days, with loads of Mistle thrushes around. Plus any crow that flew over put the birds up!
This wintering female Blackcap joined in the berry feast today here, this area of Jarra is a well known one for wintering Blackcap.

This is the only Redwing Ive seen around these parts (today) very few spotted, plus 2 Fieldfares today.

On the dull side of the street(light wise)- a joy to witness.

And a bit better for photo's on the sunny side of the street when the birds dropped to feed here.

A local resident asked me to view a dead bird in his back garden today, a Waxwing which looked like it had flew into something sadly.

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