Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Temptation got the better of me.

For a while now a Desert Wheatear has been showing nicely on a beach up north, until today I had resisted the temptation to “Twitch” the bird. But the better half fancied visit to pastures further a field last night and on waking this morning she wasn’t well, so buggered off on me own.( well she wouldn’t like the wind conditions today anyway).
Once out of the car at Newbiggin a couple of familiar faces appeared…lads from a tad further south than me, nice to see Derek B. and Davy J. again and glad as they saved me a longer walk to the area favoured by the bird.

Less than a mile trek north along the beach a few folk where positioned as if praying….when I reached them it became apparent why!, the little beauty was feeding along the edge of the beach/grass here. Plus the wind conditions played a part in this.

After about half a hour I departed feeling very pleased about the whole experience of this little bird hopping around feeding within 12 feet away at times. Photo wise I got what I got.. just pleased any turned out with the wind conditions.

Dropped into Marden quarry for the Lesser Scaup again- still sticking to the centre of this pond area on this visit, so nee better photo's of it. 3 Goosanders present(2 males and a female) plus Stock doves males displaying.


  1. Lovely pics, Steve. Don't feel guilty about twitching this one. Sometimes you just have to go. I was up there myself not so long ago. A really cracking bird.


  2. Ive held back for a while Malcolm but the urge got the better of me.