Friday, 16 December 2011

Jarra delights!

There’s a certain housing estate in the centre of Jarrow(Saxon way/Queens road area) that is a magnet for thrushes this time of year. We should all thank South Tyneside council or the planners for this when the estate was first built, as some of the streets and garden areas have been planted with berry producing trees which attract the berry snatchers on mass at times.
The “Great Waxwing hunter” alerted me yesterday that 3 Waxwings had been spotted on the estate, he phoned me back (after purchasing his morning paper on the estate) a few minutes later to inform me that around 50 Waxwings where present!
I managed to get down there this morning and around 40 Waxwings showed nicely (as they do) but in poor conditions.

Around 30 Mistle thrush present also, myself and Dougie seen around 150 of these here one day a couple of years back.

More Songies here than you would see in a average day around the doors- maybe 20..or so. Plus large numbers of Blackbirds as you would expect, a few Fieldfares but did'nt see any Redwings.

This winter so far has'nt been a "Waxwing" one, Ive only seen two groups of 4 over the last week or so before this mini invasion at Jarra. I say "mini" as I have witnessed between 200-300 here before.

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  1. Cracking pictures, Steve, especially that last one of the waxwing. Well done. I haven't seen any so far this winter.