Saturday, 17 December 2011

Slip sliding away.........

The dog needed a canny walk today so set off for Colliery woods, Boldon. I’ve not visited here this Autumn/Winter so far this year so a visit was well over due.
When I opened the car door after parking up on the trading est. opposite one of the southern approach paths here I heard an almighty racket. A few blokes had parked up to play with their remote controlled cars just off this approach path.
I skated around the “boys with toys” with the conditions under foot, whilst Max nearly dragged me down a few times (frightened by the din).
The noise obviously fell away as I walked/slid further towards Station burn. A couple of Redpolls flitted across the pathway but didn’t stick around.
Walked (shuffled) around to the outskirts of the Cotswolds est. to where I know a local resident has feeders out. This local here must have a canny garden “tick” list for ST.! It’s a regular spot for seeing Willow tit,Bullfinch and other “not so easy” birds to catch up with in ST. It didn’t disappoint this time either!, within minutes a whole host of birds got used to my presence here with Max, including Willow tit(s) and Bullies.
On the “slide” back managed to bump into around 40 Lesser Redpolls with about 30 Goldfinch’s for company…and a few tit sp. Jay heard but not seen.

Had a quick look at the Jarra Waxwing hotspot before returning home, Saxon way. Birds still present…poor light again but a pleasure to watch. Another watcher was present from Roker but left soon after I arrived.

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