Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Exciting times ahead we hope and a really sad phone call.

About noon today I received a phone call regarding this Hen Harrier female being found by a dog walker near to the A19. The bird had a damaged wing and unfortunately this injury resulted in the bird being put to sleep after the RSPCA collected the bird from the site and took it for veterinary treatment. A big "downer" this news today. But thanks Keith mc. for the info. and photo mate.

Shots from yesterday of the work being carried out at the Whitburn point LNR. Two pond areas are being "lined" which where originally formed many years ago but they did'nt hold water for long. So the Coastal Conservation Group has took the project on to try and transform this area of our coastline. This has been a huge undertaking with our small group and just shows whats possible when like minded people do something positive.

A grant from the lottery fund has been secured for this work which has taken over a year to be put in place. Plus all the time and effort many a folk have put into this project!..countless site visits with various contractors, unpaid time off work, holiday days taken, countless meetings, endless emails, red tape issues, planning permission and consultation with the NT and ST council (the two orgs. have been a massive help).

So this is the liner being positioned yesterday in front of the wooden viewing screen on the larger pond area. Behind the Shearwater housing est.

A view from the other end of pond/liner looking at the screen here.

Rear view of the wooden screen.

Second pond scrapped out yesterday, viewing from the south end of the project. Obs. to the left in the distance.

Our first major project, updates to follow.

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