Friday, 27 January 2012

Still living in hope!

After all the Iceland gulls sighted in our region( north and south of ST) I was hoping I would connect to a one on the normal dog walk in Marine park over the last couple of weeks. My luck so far hasn't been in. So earlier this week I was driven to view the Tyne from beside the S/Shields yacht club. Sure enough what looked like a adult Iceland gull was on the river and then did a fly about of the fish quay across the water.

This bird I believe was ID'ed as a "near" full adult...The lads(5/6 of them at the time) viewing from the fish quay here would have had far better views from their position here on the edge of quayside. But I was happy just seeing this one from my vantage point.

The best Ive come up with so far on checking the gulls in Marine park is a odd Common gull or two having a wash here.( not "that" common a sight here).. Unlike the Durham county recorder on a brief visit here a couple of Sundays back. The morning's park activities here resulted in a 2nd winter Iceland gull buggering off minutes before I arrived!!!.

Jan got me out of bed a few days back to view this canny garden tick and he returned the next day also. Excellent for a tiny garden near the centre of South Shields and the feeders have only been up 6 weeks or so since we moved here.

Oh.. and the Whitburn point development!- The major ground work has now been almost completed with hopefully only a few minor issues to be sorted regarding this. This poor shot was taken on Thursday afternoon showing the North pond (we have named them now ..North and South). Already its starting to fill up naturally over the last week.

I don't want to stop any one's enjoyment of getting out and about when they can....BUT! I hope it pisses down for a week or so to fill the ponds up!

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