Monday, 9 January 2012

A few shots on the dog walk duties.

Its been not too bad the last week or so for waders around the S/Shields pier area whilst on dog walking duties.(my excuse...Max knows this patch as well as me now). 9 Purple sands has been my best count so far this winter here from a few days back.

This Common gull is becoming a regular sight here now, looking for scraps off the fishermen etc.

About 140 Pinkies flew over the end of the pier today as we where about at the second gate. Seems to be a bit movement of geese over the last few days.

On the rocks before the pier a few days back. Me and Max sat within 15 feet of the birds just enjoying the view.

This little bugger showed for 2 days before the bird race hanging out with a tit flock in North Marine park, no sign of it a day before or on the day of the race.

My best count of Sanderling this winter so far around the Pier/Sandhaven area. This was obtained a few days back with 17 here.


  1. Nice pic of the geese
    You're right about them moving last few days
    Traditionally there's a lot of movement at, or around the re moon ( Mon evening )

  2. " the New Moon" that should say...