Sunday, 22 January 2012

Update on the works and Hawthorn dene today

The second pond area was lined out on Friday. This liner was heavier than the one used on the first pond in front of the wooden viewing screen so a few of the groups volunteers lent a hand with this process. It took seven people to unfold and position this liner, such was the weight of it.

On Saturday morning a few of the volunteers gathered to cut back a few branches from the trees and bushes around the ditch areas. This is to allow the contractor to be able to clear out the existing ditches which will help in filling the ponds naturally we hope. The net work of these ditches was originally put in place when the ponds where first positioned here many years ago.

We where just pleased to see water on this morning in the liner! Wait till the first bird uses the new ponds!!!

It was another morning of deciding where to venture for a hour or two today. After a few sites where mentioned we headed 18 miles down the A19 to one of Jan's favourites - Hawthorn dene. Armed with a small bag of bird food we(+ Max) slowly headed down the muddy path to the known feeding area after parking up. Once at the feeding area it was apparent that no food had been placed here today, but I was beeing watched as I walked into this area.! A tit flock gathered and within seconds of placing seed down they dived in.

A pleasure to watch the birds feeding here without some of the restrictions of a hide- at least 3/4 Marsh tits, 4/5 Nuthatches, hoardes of Great tits! along with blues and coals plus the odd other commoner birds.

Also seen in the area of note- 3/4 Great spotted woodies, 2 Jays, 2 Roe deer legging it across a field, 5/6 Redwings, another 2 Marsh tits, and only managed 1 Treecreeper with Derek C's help who we had a natter with here.

Lovely short walk, the better half is paying for it now and will be tomorrow!

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