Friday, 18 May 2012

Park life (mainly).

 Most of this week my outings have been mainly spent around the South Marine Park and Pier area with the occasional venture a little further. All the usual stuff with a surprise or two thrown in. One of the male Chaffies sat just feet away at times belting out his song, a splendid looking chap!.
 This ringed Herring gull was on the lake edge earlier in the week, its not the one Ive been after details of but a second ringed which Ive never seen here before. The first one looks to have eluded me now as Ive seen no sign of it the last few days. Details sent off of the pictured bird.
 The first Long-tailed tit family showed in South Marine Park earlier this week with 4-5 fledglings and the challenge of getting better shots of these continues!
 Male Chiffy occasionally shows well, the Willow warbler is still singing but looks to be around the Bents park area now. A second male Blackcap has been on the scene the last couple of days and a first for me earlier in the week for this park..a Lesser Whitethroat! Unfortunately it was just a one dayer.
As expected very little in the way of waterfowl here now and no signs of evidence of breeding as yet.
 The odd Rat is still being seen here and Max has got the scent numerous times of them. Should be interesting when families start having picnics etc. on the grass here.!
 Wheatear numbers have been canny around the Dunes area, over 15 birds earlier in the week and about 6 on most visits the rest of the date. About a dozen Linnets, 3-4 pair of Medpips and 1 pair of Rock pipits also in the area.
 Small numbers of Sandwich and Common terns on most visits here now. Popped up to Whitburn a couple of days back and a pair of Little terns where on the rocks, hopefully a few might grace Sandhaven again this year.
A Common Whitethroat was singing by the Littlehaven car park a couple of days back, another bird Ive not seen in this area. This shot was taken at the Whitburn ringing hut last weekend.

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