Saturday, 26 May 2012

Pleased to say they are doing well still.

 Only a couple of drop in's around the doors today,the first was to check on our inland nesting Kittiwakes. Its been a couple of months or so since Ive last visited this site, that was when the Kits where first returning to their long established nests here within ST on the banks of the Tyne.
 Obviously the heat was getting to the sitting birds with a lot of panting going off and my first count of nesting birds on this visit showed a slight increase from last year, 48 active nests - 3 more than my count last year. Another visit in a week or so to confirm the count and report it is on the cards.
I also met a bloke here who has tyres out for peeler crabs and pleased to hear he looks out for the Kits and has chased kids from this area in the past....only once he told me, so great on both fronts!
And Ive heard our "off the coastline" nesting Fulmars have the same count of nesting birds as last year- 8/9pairs. Hope to check on this one also soon.
 This Wood sandpiper showed well at Boldon flats today when we dropped in as we passed . The first one Ive seen here this year(resisting the twitching bug) and even better a new bird for the better half. Jan's comment on this one was classic... "It bobs like a Common sand. but nicer looking". Fair enough I thought.
 With the nice weather the "big beach" Sandhaven has obviously attracted families etc. down here in the last couple of days- great stuff!. I got my first taste of "Ars***les/ignorant gits" here yesterday for this season whilst watching the Common terns doing their thing. A very nice couple (not!) who where on the large side just totally ignored myself and another person observing the Terns and strolled
 straight passed us hand in hand putting the birds up. Most folk visiting here do have respect Ive found and are interested regards the birds...others just do this type of thing to get kicks in a immature way.
 Evidence of nest building in South Marine park..
The third fledgling group of Long-tailed tits Ive witnessed so far in Marine parks yesterday, this very young family where mingling with another older family in the North park.

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