Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My first Rosy of the year.

 A mid-day visit down the pier and Sandhaven today was a excellent choice.(for me anyway). Its been a few days since I visited here last because of the weather mainly which obviously had folks in their droves down on our golden sands. So a walk out here today was in order and also helped to cool the lobster red sunburn I have. The first couple of canny birds seen for the patch by the pier where picked up within a few minutes of this visit, first a Wheatear (thought I had seen the last of them for now here) and then a Common Whitethroat near the pier itself. Not a migrant Ive seen here before on this patch hopping around the rocks.
A canny few Terns where rested up around the mid section of the beach, so our lass and Max where sent in the opposite direction to allow me to have a quick wander onto Sandhaven. The first Terns I came across where 2 Arctics then the main group included over 60 of Sandwich and Common terns, about a equal split.
And the first Roseatte of the year for me.

 Small numbers of Sanderling and Dunlin present here also today along with a few Ringed plovers.
I only had a very limited time wise stroll onto the sands(about 15 minutes) but excellent to see these waders still here in summer finery....and a Rosy.

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