Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Suns out!

 A very enjoyable few outings today around the doors in the nice sunshine..that's right the stuff we had a couple of months back- Sunshine!
 It was down to the Academy pools first and not the best sightings wise this one, couple of Sedgies and Whitethroats along with the posing Reed bunts...not much to right home about. But a stop off at the Doctors garden after Mr Mc's alert started the ball rolling, I dipped the female Pied fly on this visit but latched onto this female Holly Blue butterfly. A species Ive not knowingly seen before!

 Second drop into the Dr's.garden and bingo! the pied fly showed...neck breaking views but canny all the same.
 Colliery woods was the destination next to see if any Dingy Skippers where out yet. We bumped into Matt Hawkins at the entrance to the favoured site here and conducted a joint search. It wasn't long before 4 showed in a area none of us have seen them before and then more as we ventured further along the track.
 After searching the set aside area here the total countered was 16. A figure neither of us have seen here before ( and I've never seen in my life before!) and firmly puts this site down as the best in ST for them.
And as expected plenty of Willow warbler around this site.
My first Wall brown of the year on Sunday from Gateshead. Also seen a few Damselflies here.

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