Thursday, 11 October 2012

A few from the pier wanders the last couple of days.

 The female Kestrel showed extremely well yesterday as she used the vantage points that overlook the dunes.
 The 3 Snow buntings are still around the pier and approachable as ever.
 The Shag numbers have crashed a little the last couple of days and there was more Cormorants about today.
 We still have the 5 Purple sandpipers on the pier sides.
 Still a canny number of Guillemots close into the pier and seem to be feeding well.
 A few fishermen at the end of the pier today which attracted this Rock pipit looking for scraps of fishing bait.,5/6 of these pips around here at the moment.
And a couple of these the last two days.


  1. All beautiful birds, I love them.

  2. Thanks bijja, great encounters on the local walk.