Friday, 5 October 2012

Not 2 but 3 now!.

 After seeing 2 Snow Buntings a few days back around the Shields pier area I haven't seen any on the last couple of visits, until today.
 After wandering over the northern top section of Sandhaven (flat area above the rocks) today and seeing bugger all really except for a couple of Linnets I didn't hold out much hope of seeing much else on this visit.
That all changed when we approached the steps onto the pier near the gate, 2 Snow bunts flew onto the wall beside here...excellent we thought. Then once on the pier it became apparent we have a flock! (if 3 can be called a flock?).  
 Again these birds showed brilliantly, I sat on the edge of the pier and they edged closer and closer feeding on the sparse vegetation growing here and picking at the pier side.
 Then the only bird of prey Ive seen in this area for a while did a fly past, this female Kestrel. Shes been hanging around for nearly a week now and mainly seen hunting around the dunes, but today she flew along side the pier which obviously put the buntings up and they headed up the pier and out of sight.
Yesterday at least 7 Red-throated Divers in Sandhaven bay but today I only picked a couple up.
On Tuesday this week a flock of Twite passed over the dunes area heading south, estimated about 40-50 birds. I would have missed these if they hadn't been so vocal just as I was nearering the BMX/Skateboard park behind the fair, only the second time Ive seen these fly over here.

Nice to see my first white fluffly pillows of the Autumn on Boldon flats yesterday..

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