Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Just leave me tea in the oven pet.

 These were my last words as I headed out of the door at about 4.30pm yesterday evening after learning of a Barred warbler showing well on the outskirts of the Whitburn coastal park. On arriving here, the finder (Mr Cook) and Mr Huge list were patiently waiting and scanning the last mound area the bird had been seen and heard in. After about 30 minutes of picking the bones out of various movements within this mound area which only resulted in numerous Goldcrests, a few Great tits and Blackbirds plus a Redwing, the camera went back into its holster as hope was beginning to fade.
Then as we looked across the outer garden sections of the Shearwater est. Mr Cook picked up movement in the dog roses here..There it is! he shouted. After a few brief views it then showed really well often coming out into the open allowing stunning views (to the now 5 persons present), the best Ive had in natural surroundings ever!. Managed to grab a few record shots out of the many naff ones taken due to the light conditions at this time.
Hugelists video tells a better story-

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