Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Last weekends findings

 I've looked forward to taking part in the Otter survey weekend organised by the Durham wildlife trust for some time now,which took place last weekend.
This weekend arrived finally, and with a bit research under my belt along with previous visits along the stretch of the Don within the Jarrow area I'd been allocated to visit on this survey, I felt fairly confident of recording some signs of Otter within this two day period.

And I did on the first day (Saturday) at four different sites along the waterway. Two of these, I've came across spraint before and are regular marking spots. The other 2 were new to me but looked like regular marking sites also. All the spraints were old ones and no fresh signs encountered on the Sunday visit, despite the water level having dropped.  
Bullies in the Primrose area, 3 males and a female. 3 Lesser Polls of note near Hill park on the Saturday.
I can honestly say without this type of survey etc. being carried out and the interest its created towards looking at your local areas more closely....I'd have missed many a sign on stones/rocks etc. of Otter presence. 

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