Thursday, 16 May 2013

Morrisons belter.

 After the disappointments of not being able to get to the Bat detecting evening last night at the Thornley woodland centre because of the approach road  to here via the A1 being closed.Plus also dipping on this Red-backed Shrike once we returned to our area in what light remained., myself and the better half were delighted it showed well at about 10am today.
 A first for the better half and only the second one I've seen... another bird I've not had much luck with until today. We'd only been here 5 minutes today when I picked it up along the hedgerow between the car park and the private estate ( small park type area to the south west end of this supermarket in Seaburn).

 Watched the bird for about 20 minutes sitting on the outside of the bushes here, and occasionally diving down onto the grass to pounce on prey. We didn't see it again after dog walkers spooked it and also a little later after our lass visited this shop.

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  1. More reasons to pop down to Morrisons, I reckon.