Sunday, 5 May 2013

The weekends wanders.

 A trip to Dalton park was due today and its a criminal offence (in my eyes) not to have a wander along Hawthorn dene whilst in the area. Far better than viewing all the 'want to be wags' in this retail centre.
Its probably just the time of year with birds holding territory etc. but this feeding area was on the quite side again today. Only 2 Marsh tits viewed on this visit after we put seed down, along with only a few other commoner species.
And a wander further down the path produced a Yaffle laughing again ..This time seen twice in flight briefly, far better than most encounters with this species in the past..;-)

A few  flutter byes encountered .. around the Jarra boundary area.(Comma on Friday) A canny few around  including Green-veined whites today.

Otter signs.!   Taken a couple of days back..fairly fresh compared to last weekends findings.
Both shots from today very fresh looking . ...not seen two fresh looking spraints along side each other before.?
A bit further down stream.
Mr Wren building a future.

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