Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The large white one.

 A unexpected trip up north today to see the daughter resulted in a trip to Hauxley with her. I don't know what was more surprising today -the daughter wanting to come with me to this site or the Great white egret still showing???. Nice on both fronts.
We had first dropped into the hide to the left of the car parking area after a bloke in the car park told me that that the bird was in this area. After about 10 minutes and telling the daughter what this bird looks like (big white heron looking thing.) I seen it lift briefly in the distance to the south.
 Its been awhile since I was here last,( I think when the Terek sandpiper was here was the last time)  so I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice wooden hide in place of the small plastic hut effort over looking the southern pool area when we wandered down to this area... It could well of been in place on the last visit but I hadn't noticed it.
 We hadn't been in this hide long before the bird flew off and landed on the main water area so we headed to the larger hide back down the path.

 Outstanding views of this bird, only the second one I've seen. So getting a few record shots in the gloomy conditions was a bonus.
I had thought about dropping into a couple of more sites on the way back but the weather put pay to that...
Quick visit to the Rising sun C.P. for a half -hour,  He's still a sight to behold here.

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