Sunday, 2 February 2014

I didn't bring waders.

 Only had a couple of hours to spare this morning today and I was still pondering on the carp saga I witnessed yesterday. So the first stop off was back to where this canny sized fish was sighted yesterday to see if there had been more developments. Oh yes they had been..What was left of the fish looked straight out of a comic book really, only the head and tail basically still intact and it had been dragged from the stream to the underside of a hedgerow. Lot's of print sign around the area today and judging by the size of these, more than likely a canny sized dog has been having ago at this fish since yesterday. Still thinking the original thief was a bit more careful regarding leaving signs of it being here and had been disturbed with this catch.

So after a quick once over around the Cockcrow area next, I had the bright idea of having a short visit to Chester-le-street riverside....( daft lad strikes again!)  The above shot shows the river level at this regular waterfowl feeding area today, most of the Swans etc. still there but unfortunately the seating arrangements and riverside path were a little damp.
 Only picked up 3 Goosanders, but they showed well as always here.

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