Saturday, 1 February 2014


 Dropped into a few local sites today-one or two that you don't hear many reports from and a couple that are well known. The first two shots are of a Carp which looks pretty freshly caught to me, which I came across in one of the small streams not too far away from a area that holds these game fish. This fish was about 18'' in length and 'something' had been making a meal of it! I've no idea regarding the weight of this fish but 'whoever' had dragged it into this stream, hadn't left any fresh prints around where the fish now lay.
 Ok...its a close up of the eaten flesh, are those eggs on show???

Otter sign was found not too far away from where the fish was found with old spraint and anal jelly marking a flat surface. Me thinks more investigation needed in this area.
 Another section of mud checked out today and this one showed quiet a bit print sign. These where all fresh as this section is within the tidal stretch of the Don and a good few of these lead into the water on this low tide visit.
 Lesser Redpoll from Station burn, 4 feeding along the Don's bank here today not much else really bird wise on this visit of note.
Two male Goosander on the Cockcrow pond in Hebburn. These two were of the 'not come to bread' variety and kept their distance from the duck feeders armed with sliced white.

Note to myself.. take the bloody small digi out Every time!

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