Sunday, 16 February 2014

More camera magnets.

 I was informed a few days back that a Lapland bunting or two had been picked up (again) along the coast line walk of the Leas between the mound and Manhaven bay. So with the sun god smiling today, I set off to try my luck here for a couple of hours with my wellies in tow.(wise move this one!). I was between Frenchmans bay and Manhaven bay before the first Snow buntings were picked up, 6 flew overhead and landed just south of Frenchmans bay. Whilst watching these my lugs picked up the twitter of more of these belters passing by, sure enough another 11 flew towards the south side of Frenchmans bay...including a nice brown straggler.
 The second group of Bunt's was picked up again not far from where I watched them land.One's arse parked on the nearest bench to them here and scanning began again..this was short lived as they were off again within minutes of my arrival here.Thankfully the 'straggler' piped up and canny views were had as it flew by.

Edit..Mr DJ has kindly allowed me to use this great record shot he took a few days back on this blog.

Really nice to hear Skylarks singing again here, along with a fair few passing through north on this visit.

 Wor local resident Med. gull starting to change into summer plumage.
And about the best of the bunch of record shots I managed from last Sunday's twitch for the Myrtle warber. Just pleased to see the bird.

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