Sunday, 23 February 2014

New 'tick' in Marine park... maybe?

This afternoon myself, the better half and Bob stretched our legs around the local duck feeding  area of South Marine park lake. After viewing a Rat or two around the tree'd area along with the usual stuff bird wise here in this type habitat it was time to do the 'once around' viewing the inhabitants and visitors on this lake.
A 'white winged'  adult gull was hanging out with a few Black headed gulls on the lake bathing here, the first thought was Mediterranean gull  .  It became apparent this gull was not a typical adult Med. gull even with the naked eye views we had.
This adult birds wings,tail-  as a Med. gull , white winger.
Body size- as a Black headed gull
Head ....more interesting!  shape and size of a B.H. gull including the bill. Hood pattern as black headed but!  a good degree darker colour wise along side the other black headed gulls for comparison. The birds hood was about 3 quarters complete summer plumage wise.
Another mix to the flock

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