Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Spug hugging

 Whilst a few brave folk braved the mountains and moorlands of far off places looking for Peregrines. I took the opportunity of wandering abit closer to home on a couple of Tree spuggy ringing sessions in the Durham county. The first day had to be abandoned due to the wet conditions but still a canny few pulli where ringed before this so we returned a couple of days later to complete the task.......and more.
The spuggies (and other species plus all nature enthusiasts) have a certain Jimmy the nest box maker to thank for his tireless work and commitment regarding nesting birds. This bloke is a fit as f**k for his age and puts many of us 10-20+ years younger folk to shame!...plus he's a canny rattler.
The first site we visited I had ventured to before, the next I did'nt have a clue where I was(nor did Jason who was on the second outing) but we where told its a old stomping ground of a few Durham lads and I could why with all the normal Warblers including Lesser white, Partridges, Yellowhammers etc..... just a fantasic habitat with natural farmland also.

Two broods of Kestrels where processed from nest boxes, 5 chicks in each.

We also visited a small woodland area on our travels (again nee idea where?) and this resulted in seeing-
Dipper, Tawny owl, Tree pipit, Redstart and Garden warbler of note. Plus Otter crap and footprints found.

This morning I went along to a public park in the Newcastle area, a place ive not been to for a while. Really nice park and lovely short walk but best of all was sitting watching pairs of Dipper and Grey Wagtail here.(mental note made to myself ; remember to take ya camera next time!).

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