Sunday, 29 July 2012

Not such a Gray day.

I had a look at the brickwork's pool in Gateshead today in the hope of a few Dragonflies etc. being on the wing here. But sadly I hardly seen any on this visit, except for loads of Common Darters, fewer Damselflies than normal and 2/3 Black-tailed Skimmers (on the small island area at the north end).
 Butterfly wise- all the usual suspects you expect to encounter around here but in not such good numbers.The wind I felt played a part in this today and also the crap wet weather we've had must have taken its toll on these insects this summer.( them few days of sunshine..remember them?).
But on the return leg of today's visit here a butterfly lifted off the ground right in front of us...(nice one Max!) The flight of this one caught my eye and looked completely different to the Meadow browns and Ringlets encountered here. The insect was in the size range of these butterflies and showed flashes of brown in flight but when it landed on the dried up mud area it was obvious this is a little different. A master of disguise if ever I saw one!, picking this critter up even when you see the area its landed in is not easy.
Over joyed to have seen my first Grayling butterfly today.

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