Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Terned out nice again

 After a quick visit to Whitburn steel area this early afternoon and seeing a adult Roseate and juv. here at a bit of a distance, I had a wander along the Pier at 7 tonight....Now this is more like it! I thought, as I viewed the beach from the pier.Hardly anyone on the beach, plus terns were rested up near the pier end of the beach here. Adult Roseate picked up almost straight away with the 15 or Common terns here, a scan of the mainly Juvs here on this visit revealed a juv. Roseate also. But the frenzy of terns feeding further along the pier grabbed my attention more so ventured forth. Around 70 terns (mainly Common's, very few Sandwich) were dip feeding on the south side in the rougher water here with Black-headed gulls and the adult Roasete from the beach joined them. This birds call stood out of the crowd, always a welcome sound to me!
 The above two shots were taken when I ventured onto the beach after walking along the Pier. It was one of those close encounters type moments, when the birds are not really bothered by your presence, this does occur here now and again. The Common tern juvs and adults just edged away slowly from me as I walked slowly passed them. (wind conditions here I learnt play a part in how you approach these birds) until I reached were the Juv. Roseate was rested up and I settled myself. A minute or two later I left the birds in peace...that was until 3 kids came along a couple of minutes later.!
The adult Roseate, shot taken from the pier.

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