Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Trow, and then not a pleasant sight.

 Got the dog out on a different walk today, as its been a while since I visited Trow area. One of the first sights that caught my eye was these House Martins collecting mud from Trow point. Maybe just repairing nests??. Numbers of Linnets, Goldfinch's and Meadow pipits have increased (as expected) and hopefully will further towards the end of the summer(what summer ha!).
 One of the Trowls was on show, on its favoured coastal view cliff site. Whilst the other long favoured site had no Trowl on show, it did have fresh splash around this area. So hopefully theres still possibly 2 pairs around the Trow area.
 Meadow pipits are good posers this time of year normally, especially with young to feed.
Not one of the best visits Ive had to this area but nice all the same. Maybe a bit more of the yellow stuff would have made a difference.
Single Grey Partridge was flushed from the path on the mound as we crossed over it. A pair have been seen around this area for years (on and off) and off-spring sighted also. Bit luck maybe this year also.

Then I had a quick look at Lizard point.

 Spotted this Herring gull landing on the low tide area with something in its gob...Young Kittiwake that it must have just grabbed from a ledge (unless its fell). It was only seconds later this happened-
 The Herring gull was quickly forced to give up its meal, when the Great black backed gull dived in.
 And after a few stabs from the gull at the chick, it was down the hatch.
Still a few Razorbill chicks(jumplings) on the viewable ledges here, and more it seems on the ledges not  visible going off the Razorbills still flying in. Looks like a few Cormorant young have taken to the water and a couple of this years Shags juvs. hanging around also.

Sadly as expected theres no sign now of the last yellow duckling in Marine park.(or the parents).

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