Sunday, 1 July 2012

More work at Whitburn and a cracking moth!

 There was more work undertaken today at the Whitburn point project for a few hours this morning. But we where all stopped in our tracks not long after we had started when Nick turned up with this cracking looking moth in a specimen bottle. A first for many here this morning, especially 'us newbies' with moths. Only the 5th record of a Lime Hawk-Moth being extracted from the moth trap at Souter I believe, if I heard right?.
 After the excellent distraction of this moth it was back to graft.
 The memorial plaque for the late Brian Unwin which had been paid for (via donations mainly) by local lads who knew him well was positioned. Brians loved one's gave their approvail of the plaque and its positioning. A place we all hope will reflect on his memory and very close to home, Whitburn point nature reserve.
 A few days back lads from the group had assembled to preform more Joinery duties etc. (we are a tad lucky in this respect) At least 4-5 of group including other local lads who like to help out are from a Joinery based background regards work, spoilt or what!. So the structures for the free standing information boards where knocked out within a few hours.
The board above is the finished article, its weather proof and the type the National Trust use...and not cheap!
The lads involved digging and making these structures secure did a fine job today.!
 This one is placed on the hill over looking the North pond.The other one is positioned near the stone viewing screen on its approach path.
 The original 'proto-type' board of the finished article has been positioned also. Its now on the timber viewing screen over looking the South pond...nowt goes to waste.
 The ' last of the summer wine' look on and inspect.
 The sides of the timber screen also got more attention today after reports of dogs getting into the reserve via this route. This attracted a canny crowd, not just the lads involved.
 And the final 'hole digging' of today was near the ringing hut. A bench seat has now been placed to rest many a visitor waiting for a 'mega' here in the Autumn (we hope!)
Mr Brown testing..imagine my "bottom-less thermo. cup" here.

Added bonus this afternoon seeing our first Ringlet butterfly of the year near the Whitburn obs. , Jan viewing Bee-orchids for the first time in the coastal park and a Juv. Shag resting with Cormorants near Lizard.


  1. Very much looking forward to visiting your wildlife haven in the near future. It won't take a mega to get me there.
    And that is some handsome moth.

  2. Theres not much using the reserve at the moment Johnny but we hope plenty will in the future. Cheers.