Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bairns on the beach again.

 Its a few days since I last had a wander down to the big beach and pier area because of the weather. So today just after dinner time we took our chance to brave the inclement weather conditions and have a short stroll around this area. Marine park was as it has been for a few weeks now pretty un-event full.
One of the pair of breeding Meadow pipits behind the fair greeted us in the usual manner here: flying/hovering over our heads, calling and then plonking down on the nearest resting post to watch us closely. And the Swallow parents buzzed us numerous times who have young mouths to feed very close to the pier.
Well the sun wasn't out, so hardly anyone was on the beach, but a few welcome visitors took advantage of this. A small group of Terns had rested up mid- way along the beach (this only happens normally when its void of human visitors like today) normally they have favoured the pier end of Sandhaven.
"Have a rest here pet and see to Max,I'm just going to have a quick wander onto the beach"...my words as I headed off to get a closer look after leaving them on the pier steps.
Joy of joys! seeing my first bairns (tern wise) this year on Sandhaven.

 One Juv. Common tern and about 10 adults settled here.
The (as normal) far more less approachable Sandwich terns- 6 young-uns and 11 adults.

Bliss! awaiting better numbers now and a rarer one or two.

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