Monday, 13 August 2012

Its lovely along the Shields pier at the moment. ;-)

 A wander along the local pier yesterday resulted in outstanding views of Terns rested up mid way along on the rocks here. This is a spot these birds use sometimes when the southern side of the pier is too rough sea wise to rest up and Sandhaven is too busy with beach bums etc. for them to settle too long.

 Yesterdays count of Roseates whilst I was here was - 3 adults and 3 Juvs. (another juv and adult on Sandhaven).
 And fantasic to have a bit patter with a couple of lads from the the Lakes area on Sunday who had travelled to our neck of the woods to view the Roseates...they left happy.

 A few shots from today's visit at 3pm( the 3 above). Around the high tide mark again and on the pier rocks, but slightly different numbers: 4 Juv Roseates with 3 adults, another Juv. on Sandhaven.
  This un-ringed Rosy juv. rested up with the other terns here today on the rocks.
 The Kits corner of pier is starting to build up nicely again with these birds leaving the nesting sites locally. A Shag also paid a visit today.
 Nice mix of waders at Whitburn yesterday ..including my first Knot and Barwit of this late summer/post breeding.
And finally this one has to be included.(mega record shot) Seen yesterday going over our heads on the pier and heading for a gathering of gulls near the north side of the Tyne. The Skua took down a Herring gull juv. whilst we watched at a distance. Bonxie has the nod.


  1. The content of your photo's is first class and so is the written paragraph's.. just wondered have you ever thought about making some money with them on .. just a thought! Ged

    1. Cheers Ged canny blog you have yourself.Just like to record my sightings etc. really.

  2. I love taking photos of birds. Although I find it v ery hard to get good shots of them when in the bush. They move so quick and love to hide in the bushes. I live in Western Australia and have just uploaded some of my Australian birds in the wild.
    I hope you dont take this as spamming. Just thought you may like to see some of the birds over here. Cheers Eileen

    1. No bother Eileen sorry about the late reply.Some lovely shots and birds on your blog, being in the right place at the right time helps.