Saturday, 18 August 2012

What a belter for here!

 Dropped into a few areas this afternoon around the doors. First off me and Max went into Trow quarry and around the Leas mound, which was pretty fruitless really except for Little owl, single Willow warbler and nice views of Razorbill adult and juv. off target rock area.
Then down to Whitburn steel area -hardly any gulls on the sea at this time so no hopes of the Bonapates gull showing well feeding with black- headed  mates here on this visit. Single s/p. Barwit was more or less the highlight on this visit. Over 150 Golden plovers flew over heading inland whilst on the approach road to Whitburn, another resting site somewhere near.?
Boldon flats was next, poor for myself without having my scope at hand.  Plenty of Curlews and a Green sandpiper lifted from the longer grass. Some good waders reported here this morning..(again).
Mill lane on the way back to the coast..Hundreds if not thousands of gulls feeding on the ploughing of a field here and a few birders trying to find a needle in a haystack.!.. (myself included for a while). But nice to have a bit patter here with a couple of lads.
And then the pier's magnet kicked in,the call was just too strong to resist again especially at high tide,mega busy again.
Very few terns around again on this visit but a nice bit patter with another couple of lads with cameras here enjoying the views of a single adult and juv. Roseate tern at close quarters.

 I had been a lazy git today on this visit and parked in the pier car park, paying the 60 pence fee for a hour here, unlike what I normaly do and park on the west of the Marine parks for free and walk over.
 This parking time limit was playing on my mind a little whilst rattling with the lads here, so I checked my phone to see what time it was.Thats when I seen a text off Ray Scott to inform me that he had had a Black tern on the rocks here about 30 minutes before I had arrived. I mentioned this to the lads I was talking to here and as if by magic...the bugger landed right in front of us as we spoke!!!!!
 Its a first for me here and I doubt I will ever get better views of this tern ever!..Stunning along with Rosy views. ( above shot ..only cropped side ways)

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