Thursday, 30 August 2012

The last week or so...

After many a wander along this old pier, my personal count of Roseate tern numbers peaked last Wednesday for this season here. A grand total of 14 birds using the rocks and pier area for resting up mainly. This count also included 5 juveniles, the most Ive seen this year also. These birds were split into two groups on this visit, one group on the north side (rocks) and the other on the south side(over the wall).  Its not bad at all for a heavily used piece of of man made structure! And like many have said who have visited over the last few weeks : its probably one of the best sites away from breeding grounds to view these terns so closely.
 But unfortunately not close enough for some I've been told...some arsehole ventured onto the pier rocks trying for closer shots!!!
One of the juveniles Roseates was blue colour ringed like the one I seen a week or so back( no idea if its the same one?). This blue tape was only applied to 5 juveniles rings on Coquet island as part of a survey they were carrying out.
Four Med. Gulls seen on 2 occasions on the Leas, between Trow entrance and the Marsden car park. Two of these birds are acting as if paired still, following each other around. The regular Marsden car park bird turned up last week and pleased to say its business as usual with this one, just sitting around waiting for scraps off folk parked up here.(or down the bay here).
Boldon flats has been a massive success this year with the rain we've had which has topped this field up nicely at times. This and the cattle on here at this time of year have created ideal wader habitat at times. Last Sunday seen a first for me here after dropping in around tea time, 3 Wood Sandpipers together and one was calling,something else Ive never heard before! this also had a couple of lads here searching for the culprit making the call until nailed down.
Tuesday evening just gone:  Off up the Northumberland coastline on a pelagic. This first Ive been on for 2 years. Always worth trying to make one of these trips if you can, nowt is guaranteed but its always a great experience regardless of sightings. The highlight of this one was a few White-beaked Dolphins giving brilliant views briefly, roughly somewhere off the Whitley bay area. One of these Dolphins came right along side the boat before they all moved off.
As the sun went down the Northumbrian coastline looked nice. Warkworth castle I think in the distance?
Could this be my last shot of resting Roseate tern around the pier this year?  This was taken on yesterdays visit and the only Rosy that was present around the area on this visit. This adult was rested on the south side of the pier. None heard or seen this evening.
Common terns are still hanging about on the last two visits around 30 birds feeding mainly around the pier area in the rougher water conditions. Some of the juveniles present at the moment seem to be the last off-spring breeding wise of these birds as expected this time of year here. 6 juvs. on Sandhaven this evening.
Purple Sandpipers (3) back on the pier from at least last Wednesday and still there this evening.(if the same birds? which I think they are).
Four Whimbrel with one Barwit passed over heading south yesterday together, which took me by surprise and the camera was'nt out! This evening 4 Knots landed briefly on Sandhaven before heading north. Bonus of a single Wheatear (male) this evening also on Sandhaven rocks.
Rock pipits along the pier are almost hand tame at times again looking for scraps (4).

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