Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The last couple of visits enjoying the views.

 This has been the view of Sandhaven the last few visits from the pier. Not exactly the Med., but fully used in these nicer weather conditions to its full potential. Its great to see the beach as popular as this because it brings in a vitally important boost to the local economy.
 On the other hand it does push the Terns etc. that generally like to rest up on the golden sands here onto the pier area. Now this might be great for us birders and photographers regards getting outstanding views but I'm pretty certian it reduces the numbers on show around these parts at this time of year.

 6 adult Roseates around on todays visit, 5 landed together on the rocks(could only cram 4 together in this record shot) along with 3 Juvs. Another adult was seen and heard calling whilst fishing.
And this family shows a nice selection of jewellery !One adult ringed on both legs, the other adult only one leg, and the juv. has been ringed with a BTO ring? and a blue band on the other leg.

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