Sunday, 5 August 2012

Short walk this evening (guess where?)

 If anyone hasn't got a interest regards the Terns rested up in the South Tyneside area (especially Sandhaven)  at this time of year I suggest this blog is not for you at the moment.As this one might go into overload over the next few weeks, hopefully!. ( Turned on by Terns our lass says...!).. Just making hay when the sun shines in my eyes as much as you can. And loving it!

 A squadron of around 30 Sandwich terns were present on this short visit at first, a group like this I've learnt you cannot think about getting near. They take all of the resting terns with them when "spooked/disturbed) Similar to the Redshank and waders.
It was about high tide on this short visit and after the main Sandwich tern group had departed the other Terns settled more.

2 adult Roseates and 2 young-uns. single Arctic tern and a nice supporting cast. Not bad for about 10-15 minutes here.
Manhaven bay yesterday, another cracking hour or so on beach clean up duties, its a addictive.

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