Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Almost a full house of goodies.

After learning of a few goodies around the doors on Sunday ,whilst in deepest Northumberland on a sight seeing venture more or less. I had a try for a few of these goodies late Monday morning /early afternoon.
First port of call was Whitburn steel area looking for a certain french sounding gull as the tide level seemed about right for viewing. Hardly any gulls here on this visit...typical!. About 100 Teal around the area on this short drop in and a single Barwit being the highlight wader wise.
Boldon flats next : My first scan with the scope (yes it left the house today!) revealed next to nowt, then everything went up!( don't you just love how nervous Lapwings are at times.). This action proved a stroke of luck and flushed just about every bird in the area out of cover. When they settled again the Pectoral sandpiper was had in good scope views along with a Ruff and about 15 Snipe for about 20 minutes whilst I was here.
Next port of call . The Academy : The western approach path (from Moor lane) was quiet really until I reached the preferred entrance area to the pools from here. A small flock of tits in this area and a few warblers mixing with them, but after walking maybe 10 yards to the south of this entrance to the pools a warbler flew out from the opposite side of the hedgerow to this mixed flock here. The warm brown colouration to its back and tail as it flew away from me held my attention, when it landed I only had seconds view wise with the bins before it done a one through the dense cover here.(sharp call heard a couple of times) my first Cetti's warbler in South Tyneside.
After about 40 minutes wandering back and forth along this section of public right of way, and picking the bones out of a mixed flock here I never had the good fortune to encounter this bird again. But at least 5 Chiffs and 2 C.Whitethroats  kept me entertained along with over 80+ Meadow pipits and 30+ Reed buntings on the other side of the hedgerow. The grassed area between here and the ponds was alive!
Back down the steel again after the Academy visit for another look for the illusive Bona gull....still nee luck,again hardly a gull in the area. But 2 Barwits present on this visit.
Shorts ploughed field on the return leg home which held gulls, but nee luck here either.Consolation here of seeing about 500 Golden plovers rested here. Single Med. gull near the finishing line for the GNR being the only one I seen this day along our coastal stretch.

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