Saturday, 1 September 2012

I thought I might have spoken too soon.

 This afternoon I thought a wander along the Leas hedge was called for as Ive never ventured along here for a while. This nice walk was pants really regarding bird life with only a few Med. pips and a couple of Reed bunts showing along this stretch, but the dog enjoyed it.
Had a look at Shorts ploughed field next (opposite the Whitburn coastal park entrance) as a canny few gulls were resting up here.Nee luck with picking the Bonapartes up on this scan, heard its been knocking about over the ST border today towards the Roker pier.
Three Mediterranean gulls on the grassed stretch of the Leas on today's pass by, and I think the one below is a new kid on the block.This bird has far more hood pattern remaining than the ones Ive seen recently around here.This time of year obviously sees a movement of gulls passing through the area with a few of these Med. gulls over wintering around our area. The Marsden regular car park bird didn't show today for me.
Tried my luck down at Whitburn steel area as I was heading in this direction anyway. Nowt exceptional on this venture here today, except for seeing Snipe on the rocks here. At least 9 flew off as me and Max approached the viewing point over looking the rocks here at the higher tide levels. And at least another 6 remained on these rocks along with the commoner waders here. You don't see these birds here often like this.
Just one site remained on my list of viewing today... aye you guessed it,! that stretch of concrete that has had me so captivated of late. Well it would be rude not too as I was on the way back home and the tide level was right. As this was just a quick drop in ST council received my 40 pence(only change I had) via the pier car park meter for this visit.
Busy again around here on this visit, but as I reached the pier gates the call of a Roseate tern off Sandhaven made this visit worth while. This was followed by a juvenile sighted here also with this adult. A scan of the piers south at a distance produced two white shapes rested up, I wondered what these could be????...well maybe not. Sure enough another adult and juvenile Rosy rested up here.
A couple of (still best part summer plumaged) Bar-tailed godwits passed over going north as did a Knot ...
I think Max has had his quoter of exercise today.

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