Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sandhaven stunners!

 Its been a few days since I last had a wander around the pier area, so off I went this morning in the hope that the Snow bunting seen here a couple of days back would still be around. Its wasn't looking good as I made my way across the flat area above the rocks on Sandhaven with only a few Pied Waggies showing. When we reached the side of the pier there was movement just about 10 feet in front of us...yes its still here!.Backsides were parked sharpish on the rocks and we enjoyed stunning views of this splendid bunting going about its business. Then it made a call and another Snow bunting flew in to join it!
 The second bird
 Theres always grass in the way but never mind a cracking 15 minutes or so watching these adorable birds.
 One of 3 Mediterranean gulls seen today along the coastal stretch. This ones the Marsden car park bird. And ever increasing numbers of Common gulls along the grassed areas here now.
 A wander around Marsden quarry this afternoon produced very little, but always nice to see a Little Owl.
Yesterday the new bird food container was installed in the Whitburn point LNR which is in readiness for when the winter feeding station gets under way,which shouldn't be long now. Max was on hand just in case the mix of concrete was too dry.

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