Saturday, 8 September 2012

They've just about gone now.

 Last Sunday morning I visited the Whitburn ringing hut briefly, as I was informed a couple of the lads would be present carrying out the excellent research work regards ringing birds here. A warm welcome as always here ..with Adrian and Andy manning this post today.
 In the time I was here this Lesser Whitethroat was processed.
 Now a bird in the hand doesn't appeal to every one photography wise, and I do share these sentiments at times also. We would all love to get great shots in natural habitat etc. but you cannot pass up a chance like this can you....?
Over the last week or so Wheatears have been sighted regularly mainly around the rocks on Sandhaven, 2-3 birds present on last nights visit.
Next to nowt flying about last night over the open water looking for food etc. But two white shapes on the south side of the pier confirmed that at least two terns were still present. Ones arse was positioned on the wall here when I reached a safe enough spot to view the small gathering of resting birds, and Max's lead was attached to the handrail here....he's a veteran to this now.
One adult and one juvenile Roseate tern as suspected, these being the only terns around on this visit plus a small number of common waders including 3 Purple sandpipers (again)
This evenings walk here only produced a couple of Common terns and Sandwich terns over.
Still a few Guillemots close into shore on the visits here but many more further out this evening as were large numbers of gulls etc.
Below is the scene from the pier on yesterday evenings wander looking towards Trow quarry. No idea what was going off but plenty blue lights flashing and a helicopter landed.

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