Friday, 22 July 2011

Artic rolls

Two visits yesterday to the pier area- the mornings walk over 200 rested Common terns on the north end of the beach.
By the evenings visit not even half this number here. But I timed this visit to be able to sit at around the high tide mark on the rocks to watch the terns. This is a pleasure to do this time of year, especially on a warm evening when the beach is not too busy.
A couple of scans and I picked 2 Artic terns still in thier summer finery(almost). Not a easy bird to see on this beach normally so I was well pleased to find these two rested up here.

This morning's visit produced 100+ Common terns and 30+ Sandwich,but a noisy Whimbrel did go over the pier my first for the year just waiting for the rarer seabirds to return and grace the beach.

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