Monday, 25 July 2011

Storming time!

Distant but good views(with bins) today from the 2nd Trow bay and Frenchmans bay of Storm Petrels going back and forth along a certain stretch of sea here at dinner time today. This would probably point to the birds having found a area to feed upon.
We watched the birds for about 30 minutes from these vantage points and estimate about 15 in the area. Made especially special as it was a first for Jan. Mind it did take about 10 minutes before see picked her first one up! " going just past the ship NOW" and " a couple just infront of them gulls settled on the sea" didn't help really, it became frustrating.! But thankfully she got her "eye in" and was picking them up after learning what to look for....(small bird that looks like a House martin keeping very close to the seas surface..."best one I could come up with").
Really great to watch this special treat here today, first time I have seen them off here.

But last night-

After the numbers of the birds seen going passed the "obs" at Whitburn yesterday there was going to be only one conclusion as to the where abouts of "certain" member of the group and others this evening.
Aye Whitburn Coastal park!

Dispite the fantasic numbers passed thro- this day only 2 birds where processed, another escaped the net after bouncing back out and a few others flew around.

Today I learnt of a possible reason for this.....and some of us suspected it on the night, the conditions etc. carried the tape lure sound in the wrong direction.

But a great few hours on a Sunday evening/early Monday morn. on the edges of our fantasic coastline.

Set up and waiting, early doors... The packing away was timed- 6 minutes!

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