Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Its starting to look Rosy!

From Sandhaven this evening my second visit of the day, Jan wanted to get her first Rosy here of the year also after learning of my visit at mid-day today. These two didn't hang around long, watched them coming in off the sea settled for 5 minutes and off again.

Two different adult Rosies flew along the mid- pier area mid-day on the south side, always difficult getting shots on this side of the pier with bright conditions.

These two I picked from thier call before I seen them, just great to hear them again on the patch.

Adult common and Juv. showed nicely on the north side of the pier.

And this shot should have been posted first!( but as a numpty still with the pc. etc. its here!).

The story goes-

Picked a adult Rosy up on the beach this first visit today, had Max in tow also so had to box clever trying to get a closer view and a couple of record shots!.as I had spotted a family approaching the tern roost on the beach. Knowing every bloody thing would be up in no time I raced across the baron area to the rocks at the north end of Sandhaven...managed a couple of record shots (dog thought he was going onto the beach..daft pouch!). spotted the Juv. when I reached the rocks before the disturbance happened.

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