Saturday, 23 July 2011

Watching paint dry.

Today started with a earlish visit to the ringing station at Whitburn coastal park, by the time me and Dougie arrived what little action(bird wise) seen here today had occured.
But a scan from here on the sea did result in a Harbour porpoise, Great skua and numerous gannets, guilles etc.
But the main reason why some of us came down here today was to help re-decorate the Whitburn bird observatory, members of the Durham bird club and the Coastal conservation group got together to give it a "lick of paint" inside. Within a couple of hours the job was done.

And then we waited for the floor paint to put the furniture back.

At this stage many a "active service" tale was exchanged (Walter the "gaffer" mainly), plus Scilly isle cappers, Grasshopper and Toad observations "whilst our arses were parked" plus insects of interest!.

There was a "slight unforseen" moment(cock up) when a member of the group had to back track....Jason when asked wouldn't take his socks and shoes off to do so.

Two Sooties going pasted ( naked eye spots) were a canny bonus also.

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