Monday, 11 July 2011

Golden wonder

Walked along the coastal path to the Rifle range field today as I had heard that the Golden plover numbers were starting to build again here. Sure enough some 200+Golden plover on show here today with hundreds of Lapwings and Starlings. Just a fantastic sight seeing hundreds of plovers here in various molt stages. Lets hope the numbers carry on building into the thousands like they have in the past.
The MOD no longer use this site and the future of this important area is uncertain.

Dropped down onto Jackies beach to let Max cool off in the sea as it was a tad hot this morning. Glad I did because a Hummingbird hawk moth was buzzing about here, a first for me.
Watched the moth for about a minute before I lost sight of it and only managed a couple of record shots....not a easy subject to capture a image of.
Back up from jackies and the plovers were still restless, a couple of girls in the field looking after the horses here didn't help. But this works in ya favour here because it pushes the plovers closer to the coastal path to allow better views.

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