Sunday, 10 July 2011

Cracking day around the doors, Dolphins and more!

I recieved a phone call this afternoon from Mark Newsome(cheers!) to let me know that 3/4 White beaked Dolphins were just off Lizard point and showing well. Now this brought memories back from last year when I ventured down to the Coastal park numerous times and only managed to see a small pod of these critters at a distance on one occasion whilst some folk had them all singing and dancing so to speak!(and another ill fated attempt at trying to see a Sperm whale came to mind also). But thankfully my luck was in this time!

Pretty sure there was 4 Dolphins present as I had 3 fins up at the same time and another broke the surface away from the these. They stuck around the area between Marsden bay and Lizard car park for around 30-40 minutes whilst I was here and gave some excellent views even if distant at times and not really close enough for my camera set up.

It looked like at times they were in feeding mode and seemed to become very excited jumping out of the water and swimming around the same area.

Just a fantastic end to a great day around the doors.

Before the Dolphin excitement we had ventured first off to the Scotch est. dene in Jarra to try and see one of my favourite critters...the Banded demoiselle. At least 4 on show here with one male showing really well(makes a change as they tend to stick to the longer grassed areas here). A cracking looking critter even the females look tidy!.

Station burn also had a couple of male Banded demoiselles on show. But the highlight from this site was a singing Garden warbler, a bird Ive never seen here before!. families of bullfinch at both Don sites.

Nipped down to the Coastal park on the way home after visiting the Don sites and were greeted with a excellent view of a Juv. Cuckoo sat on the gate leading into the point LNR. raised the camera and it was off!.Picked it up again later flying north along the cliff line.

Butterflies appenty today at all sites, highlights being; Coma- Scotch est dene. 2 Red Admirals Whitburn cp.

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